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Kayli’s Playful Lifestyle Brand Shoot

Lifestyle Brand Shoot with Kayli

I first met Kayli back in 2015, I don’t actually know how though. The gist is Kayli posted somewhere (IG or Facebook) about wanting to take better photos and I replied and asked if she’d want to meet up! The next week we met over coffee and I explained the basics of shooting in manual (shutter speed, ISO, and aperture) and we took some playful photos. It was a lovely cup of coffee!

Fast forward to today and I’ve now worked with Kayli on multiple shoots and we’ve collaborated creating content for our shared client/friend (clend? frient?) Mrs. Heather Crabtree! You see, Kayli isn’t just any ole smarty pants, cutie-patooty, she’s a bomb social media and content creator! She helps other businesses gain a following and create authentic content that converts!

Kayli graduated from ASU last year, and in the time since she started her business as an undergrad, her direction and branding have changed (happens going from 19 to 22!) So we set up a time to capture some fresh brand images for her!

Why Brand Portraits Now?

Kayli is currently working with the utterly fabulous Ginny Krauss and a graphic designer on a total rebrand for her business! While working on updated logo marks, brand colors and brand vision, Kayli knew she’d need fresh portraits to use on her website and social media – that’s where I come in! Kayli shared with me her brand board and the direction and vision for what she wants to share and speak about. We then brainstormed ideas on wardrobe, props and did some location scouting. The result is a shoot that is 100% custom to Kayli and will set her up with not only headshots but lifestyle portraits to advertise her brand and her services!

Here are some sneak peeks from her session last week! Good luck with the rebrand, Kayli! I can’t wait to follow along while your business grows!