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Lunabear Studios: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

“Here You Leave Today And Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow And Fantasy” – the plaque at the entrance to Disneyland


One year ago today was my last day in my advertising job and my first night as a full time photographer. Leaving my agency life wasn’t easy – I worked with amazing and fun and talented people and you know, on the practical side, I got paid every two weeks and had health insurance…which is not always the case in the entrepreneur life.


You can read about the leap here if you missed part one!


Scottsdale Wedding Photographer - Lauren Hansen - Lunabear Studios


The last year has been one of a lot of changes – Ryan and I got married. Ryan started a new job. Lunabear Studios had it’s biggest year yet. It was a year of a lot of highs. Turning Lunabear Studios into my only source of income was, and continues to be, scary. It’s a constant state of selling, marketing and also working on treating clients to a wonderful experience – from booking, to shooting, to delivering and every touch point in between. I will admit, it’s challenging and wonderful in all the best ways. Running a photography business means being the CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, and every other C-SOMETHING-O! I brought on a bookkeeper and an accountant along the way to help with some of the financial side and that’s what brings me to my happiest announcement…the team has grown!


Looking ahead to how I want to grow the company, what I excel at and how I want to be able to treat our clients, I knew I needed help. Help in the day-to-day and help in serving our clients with amazing client service.


Here’s what I wanted: 

  • Someone that loved working in their yoga pants from their couch
  • Someone that enjoys pretty pictures
  • Someone that prioritizes real over perfect
  • Someone that wants to build a life they don’t have to escape from
  • Someone who shrivels in disgust at stacks of unorganized papers and sticky notes
  • Someone that aims for inbox zero every day
  • Someone that enjoys serving others


What I found was someone that meets all the above and:

  • Pushes me to stay on track
  • Thinks beyond the task she’s given
  • Brings years of experience to the table
  • Has an adorable family
  • Is kinder than all get out


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Samantha! A.k.a Sam a.k.a. Kennedy’s mama and Jordan’s wife and all-around lady extraordinaire!

Sam is joining the Lunabear Studios team as our Studio Manager – she’s keeping our calendar up to date and our inboxes tidy. Over the past four years I have built Lunabear Studios with the help of many people, to be honest. From my family to my friends, I’ve had many people pitch in to get me where I am today. My husband (first my boyfriend then fiancé and now my husband) Ryan has supported late nights, long weekends and frustrating evenings on my laptop editing and nights and weekend and days away shooting. Without him, Lunabear Studios wouldn’t exist. I needed the encouragement and he’s always given it freely.


Moving forward, I don’t want to just serve clients, I want to over serve, delight and spoil clients!


From better emails, to more help with wedding tips and ideas, better assistance in portrait session planning and prompt delivery of photos and products. I have worked to keep my turn around times as fast as I can and luckily Lunabear has grown to a point where I need help taking it to the next level! Sam will be on duty to answer questions, manage our calendar and make sure each client has a knock-out, awesome, amazing and wonderful experience working with us! It’s going to take a team to take the company where I want to go but I know we can do it!


So what are some of these changes and exciting things? Let me tell you one! We have added a new package to our offerings called “From Belly to Baby,” a collection which includes a maternity session and an in-home lifestyle newborn session to document our clients’ growing families. This session came right from demand! I don’t want to say goodbye to my clients after their weddings! I want to be able to capture your memories for many years to come and this is just one step in doing so!


We are so excited for what’s to come – for both us and our clients! Thank you so much to each and every client and family and friend that has supported, used and referred us. It means more than I can even begin to express. You’re the reason why I’m living out my dream each and every day and why I regularly cry happy tears because I feel so deeply lucky to be able to work with and capture such amazing humans and play a teeny tiny role in your lives.