I don’t have a ton of rain in my portfolio and that’s not changing with this sunny engagement session at Papago Park. As a native of Arizona, and I’ve grown up appreciating both rain and sunshine. But as a photographer, I have grown less and less fond of the rain. They can make wardrobe choices tricky, locations muddy and more than anything they make clients weary. But I want to change that!

When it was time to shoot Savannah and Colin’s engagement session, all three of us were eagerly watching the weather forecast the entire week leading up to their session. The day before, we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to shoot as we were still expecting lots of rain, but I said,” trust me, it’s gonna be beautiful, let’s do this!” And when we met at Papago Park, we were rewarded with absolutely perfect light.

Sunny Engagement Session

Many people assume that photographers want to shoot with bright blazing sun and that the sunnier it is, the better, but that’s just not true. Ideally, for my style of photography, I like to have a mix of shade and sunshine. I love a gorgeous bath of even light for flattering portraits. I also love some sunshine so I can get some pop with some backlighting! For Savannah and Colin’s desert engagement session, we had the absolute perfect mix of light. Fluffy white clouds, bright blue sky and beaming sunlight! I was able to get my perfect, flattering light and some amazing backlighting.

Okay, fine, you’re cool, Arizona.

Growing up, I always thought that Arizona was, to be honest, kind of a gross state. I was jealous of people living in Colorado with amazing mountains and our friends in California with their beautiful beaches, and I always thought that Arizona really got left out in the cold, or rather left out in the heat.

Becoming a photographer has made me love and appreciate how gorgeous our desert landscape is. Papago Park was absolutely beaming with color and life and perfect light for this sunny engagement session!

It was so exciting to see these images come to life and have such a great adventure with Savannah and Colin right in the heart of the city. So thank you Arizona. Thank you tropical storm remnants. AND thank you Savannah in Colin! Scroll below for all of the session goodness!




Sunny Engagement Session at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona | Lunabear Studios


Sunny Engagement Session at Papago Park

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