Why don’t all family photoshoots involve bubbles and hoodie towels? I hereby declare that they should. Because it’s both fun and adorable. For the Newbold’s family lifestyle photoshoot at their home, Mama Aud pulled out all the stops: bubbles, espresso, snuggles, bathtime and more bubbles.

Can she adopt us all? I’ll be sure to ask her the next time I see her.

Shooting families in this style is my favorite! We get to showcase your relationships, your space and get to have more FUN! There’s a level of comfort and opportunities that exist at home that you don’t find in other environments. We can play games and snack and drink and change clothes, and as mentioned above, play with bubbles (the backyard and bubble varieties)

Not sure how to plan and (most importantly) enjoy your family lifestyle photoshoot in your home? I’ve got 5 ideas for fun, playful activities that will help you create images you’ll cherish:

1. Baking or cooking together

If you have little ones you know keeping their attention can be a huge challenge but when you can give them a task (something a big kid or adult would do) they get interested quick! Try making cookies together or making individual pizzas! Your lifestyle photoshoot will be so cute when you have flour on your faces – just like in the movies!

2. Play in sprinklers or the pool

Not interested in cleaning your house for your shoot? What about an outdoor shoot play in the sprinklers or your pool. How cute are babies in hats and sunglasses?! You can let your littles run around, splash, play and while you’re playing with them you’ll not only get great images but you’ll be making memories too.

3. Craft together

Do you normally keep glitter far, far away from your home? What about scissors and glue? Maybe as a special treat you work as a family to put together a scrapbook of photos from your last vacation together? You and your kids can work together to choose the photos and put together the pages and you’ll not only have a blast making the book but you’ll have a fun keepsake afterwards.

4.Bubbles + bathtime

Outdoor bubbles or indoor bubbles make for fun photos! For your family lifestyle session why not copy Audria’s session by letting the kids play with bubbles. Dance. Jump. Chase. Play. Also, if the bubbles get a little too messy you can transition to indoor bubbles aka a bubble bath – because who doesn’t love a post bathtime hoodie towel snuggle?!

5. Holiday decorating

Planning a session around a holiday? Why not document the decorations going up? Your family lifestyle photoshoot could be your family decorating your Christmas tree or hanging up fake cobwebs for Halloween. Everyone can get involved and you can play music, laugh, and reminisce together while making your home look great.

No matter what activities you choose to do during your family lifestyle photoshoot the key is to relax and enjoy each other! Try to find things that your whole family can participate in and play along with. Let each member of the family play a role and once the fun starts, roll with the shenanigans. The beauty of a lifestyle session is showcasing your family’s personalities and your home. Don’t sweat the tiny details too much, focus on the fun and let your photographer capture you all in your element!


5 Ideas for a Fun Family Lifestyle Photoshoot

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