Indoor Studio Session Shenanigans

I have built my business shooting outside, it’s fresh and bright and we can find lots of color and have lots of options for moving around. It’s…easy? Well, maybe not easy but it’s what I’ve trained and practiced with, so it’s comfortable. I have fancied myself an outdoor Phoenix portrait photographer, exploring all the desert and cool urban spaces. For Malori and June though we wanted something a little different. For Malori’s Christmas card photos, we had the opportunity to use an amazing indoor photo studio in downtown Phoenix called Blok Studio.

Taking Things Inside

Blok is an all-white, natural light portrait studio that has two windows that let natural light come through. This particular morning we had a very cloudy sky. Usually, I love a good cloudy day when shooting outdoors, it makes the light even and diffused. Diffused light is fabulous and flattering. In the studio though I was nervous with the light outside already being diffused that we wouldn’t get enough light through the windows…luckily I was wrong!

New Challenges + Opportunities

Being in a studio space, with just three white walls, two windows and a chair, I was nervous about being able to produce a good variety of images. When I shoot outdoors on location, we can move around and typically work with 3-5 different backgrounds, even just with 30 minutes of shooting time. For Malori’s shoot I had 20 minutes and one room. Rather than being limited I actually felt inspired! Working with a simple set and just Malori and June made me push myself to get more emotive responses out of Malori and get more movement. Truly make the images about her. Not about her environment. I don’t think I’ll be giving up my love for shooting outdoors anytime soon but shooting in Blok Studio was a total treat and hopefully I’ll be able to shoot more clients there in the future (thinking during June, July and August when it’s 110 outside?)

Enjoy the sassiness and gorgeous old Hollywood glam that is Ms. Malori and her trusty fluffy companion, June. And take in what is easily one of my favorite sessions to date.

Downtown Phoenix portrait session, Lunabear Studios


Studio Session: Malori + June

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