Family Portrait Session with Dogs

Dogs are family. So why wouldn’t you want to include them in your family portraits?! Also, they’re fluffy and cute so they definitely bring some extra cute awesomeness as a bonus.

Kelly reached out to me looking for some portraits with her favorite puppers and I was more than happy to shoot these fluffy fur balls as they zoomed past me running for treats. Luckily this pretty green oasis in Scottsdale had plenty of tall grass for Buddy to jump around and Brady to fly through, so they were happy campers to be on a new adventure in a new place!

A disclaimer: Brides were very much used and 100% necessary for the success of this shoot.

Enjoy their adorableness and Kelly’s gorgeousness in their family portrait session below!

Phoenix Family Session with Dogs - Lunabear Studios


Kelly + The Boys – A Pupperific Family Portrait Session

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